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From clean hands to clean facilities, Accola’s cleaning products and facility maintenance solutions are good for whatever market or business sector you are in. Our products create healthier, safer, more productive and enjoyable living and working environments.


Industrial Facilities

Accola manufactures industrial cleaners and degreasers for facility maintenance, manufacturing and industrial cleaning applications. We have a complete range of powerful cleaners/degreasers, pressure washing detergents and specialty cleaning agents.

Product solutions including custom blended formulations are available to meet all cleaning and maintenance needs. These include alkaline and neutral cleaners, acids, bio-enzymatic cleaners, disinfectants and green certified products to meet regulatory, disposal and safety requirements.

Healthcare Facilities

As a leader in sanitary maintenance and cleaning for health, Accola understands the critical importance of disinfecting and sanitizing in the healthcare industry. Whether for the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in patients, reduction of cross-contamination amongst caregivers and healthcare providers or for improved employee productivity and job satisfaction, Accola provides innovative and safe cleaning solutions for hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Our many disinfectant and cleaning solutions meet tough industry standards for use in healthcare facilities and have a wide and robust range of effectiveness against harmful pathogens.


Accola has a comprehensive line of high-performance vehicle cleaning solutions for cars, trucks, buses, boats, locomotives and fleets. Accola manufactures exterior vehicle washes, interior cleaners, engine degreasers, aluminum wheel brighteners, detailing products and pressure detergents. Formulations for self-service, touchless, tunnel and full-service car washes are also available. Whether a single car or a municipal fleet of cabs, buses or delivery trucks, Accola has the right cleaning solutions to make your vehicles shine!

Hospitality & Entertainment

Five Star hotels deserve five-star cleaning programs. For that matter, so does every hotel, motel, resort, spa, condo, convention center or entertainment venue.

Accola offers a full line of exceptional sanitation and maintenance solutions for the hospitality industry. Our comprehensive cleaning and sanitation program help manage all aspects of any hospitality, lodging or entertainment operation—with maximum efficiency and increased safety for guests and staff. From the sheets on the beds, mirrors in the bathrooms, and tables in common areas to foodservice in the restaurant, our high-performance cleaning solutions include laundry, warewashing/dishwashing, hand care, floor care, carpet care, restroom care and deodorizing. With Accola’s comprehensive hospitality cleaning program, sheets will be fresher, floors will be safer, private rooms and public areas will be healthier, and guests will be satisfied!


Clean, healthy schools provide students with a safe place to learn and grow. When students catch germs at school they get sick and stay home. When they are sick and absent from school, they learn less. You can pave the way for every student in your school to achieve their learning potential by providing cleaner, safer, healthier educational environments.

How would an outbreak of the latest flu bug in your school district or institution affect your ability to effectively operate? What impact would it have on your budget, not to mention public opinion? When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting in schools, prevention is the most effective cure. Accola’s high performance cleaning products and solutions improve the overall cleanliness and appearance level of your school and reduce health risks to students, staff and visitors. Accola disinfectants clean and kill bacteria, virus, mold and mildew to create healthy learning environments and reduced absenteeism for students and staff.