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About Us

Accola Industries

Accola Industries is a certified minority owned and operated manufacturer specializing in the production of commercial cleaning supplies, custom brushes, and private label solutions. We have over a century of experience innovating cleaning products and custom brushes for a wide range of industries and markets. Our extensive line of high-performance cleaning solutions extends from food safety and hospitals to heavy-duty industrial equipment and parts washing.

Our products are marketed through a national distribution and end user network of over 600 select janitorial distributors, paper distributors, wholesalers and OEM customers. Accola Industries sells and markets several of the most comprehensive maintenance chemicals, tools, and accessories in the commercial chemical industry. Our brands include, Franklin Cleaning Products, TruMix DC2 Dilution Control and Texas Feathers Dusting Tools.

Company Pillars

We Are Business Partners

We seek to understand our customers’ business strategies and provide solutions for their business challenges. We place a high value on customer relationships and think of our customers as our business partners.

We Are Industry Leaders

We are not content with the status quo and are always seeking to improve. We are involved in and take on leadership roles in industry associations and organizations. We provide technology and training to our customers. We are industry innovators and continually look for ways to help our customers grow and succeed.

We Are Trustworthy

We have been reputable and honest in our business dealings for a century. Throughout our time in business, we have earned the word ‘integrity’ as part of our company reputation. At Accola, customers, vendors and employees alike are treated with fairness and respect.

We Are Stewards of Our Environment

We promote sustainability and environmental stewardship by innovating safer, more sustainable chemical formulations and packaging. Our green items and product lines are independently tested and certified by Green Seal™, Safer Choice, or other third-party organizations.

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Why Choose Accola

Premium Quality chemicals

Every degreaser is not created equal. Every disinfectant does not kill the same germs. When you resell commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals, you’re putting your own business reputation on the line for their effectiveness and safety. Choose a cleaning chemicals supplier that formulates with only premium raw materials and manufacturing consistency.

Expertise in the Market

When evaluating cleaning chemical suppliers, look for one with specific formulations and experience in your market sector. From foodservice to industrial, Accola manufactures cleaners, disinfectants, floor care chemicals, and other specialty chemicals for at least xx vertices

Manufacturing Capability that Fits Your Needs

When choosing a cleaning chemicals vendor, be sure they are flexible enough to meet your needs today, as well as grow with your business in the future. Accola maintains 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space with capacity in excess of 5 million gallons. Our production lines are able to run round the clock and include 7 flexible filling lines with in-line labeling capability. We operate a separate production space for corrosives and have automated filling of 5 gallon pails. We also maintain drum, IBC tote, and bulk tanker filling capacity onsite.

Sustainable/Green Chemical Options

As a company, Accola is committed to providing a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for employees, visitors, and our community. Our commitment to environmental sustainability starts with our own facilities and buildings and extends to the products we offer.